Abgabe 2 (Filing 2)

Efficiently transfer non-performing
commitments to sub-systems

Non-performing commitments are transferred from the market to the legal department and to the corresponding sub-system. This gave us the opportunity to create a strong customer base of a wide range savings banks and private banks. This may take up to 30 minutes for each individual account of the commitment to be forwarded.  

Abgabe 2 is processing the comprehensive check lists with only a few mouse clicks and completes among others the following tasks:

  • Blocking accounts and cards
  • Deleting supplementary agreements and overdraft facilities
  • Adapting the roles of the consultant for development of organizations (supervising, containing contract, etc.)
  • Caring for generic constructs
  • Setting banking restriction period and change shipping information
  • Setting mark "non-performing"
  • Editing letter of cancellation
  • and many more...

Function and benefits

Abgabe 2

  • Replaces error-prone manual entries by automatic operating sequences
  • Saves time, staff and financial resources
  • Documents the whole working process in a revision-proof manner
  • Works independent from used sub-systems


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