Abwicklung 2

Automating transaction processes

Abwicklung 2 automate the processes of your claim management. This tested and practice-proven application is used by more than 50 credit institutes and is equipped with high quality interfaces in different core banking systems.

Function and benefits

Abwicklung 2

  • efficiently manages all receivables and securities
  • offers an electronic dunning procedure
  • is equipped with interfaces in core banking systems and thus avoids manual input errors and multiple entries
  • creates the documents which are necessary for processing
  • sets follow-ups to control and keep time limits
  • offers statistic evaluations
  • automates the sale of accounts receivable
  • optimizes the cooperation with debt collection companies for instance by means of an interface to Bad Homburger Inkasso GmbH (BHI) 

Helpful modules extend the range of functions 

With the modules for Abwicklung 2 (Processing 2) "Credit risk", "Reconstruction and insolvency" the range of functions of Abwicklung 2 (Processing 2) is significantly expanded. Both modules are also available as stand-alone solutions. Please find more information on the product pages of Kreditrisiko 2 (Credit risk 2) and Sanierung 2 (Reconstruction 2) and Insolvenz 2 (Insolvency 2).


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