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Imprint and general terms and conditions of adrigo GmbH for the purchasing of addresses   



Our address

adrigo GmbH
Salzufer 8
D-10587 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 26 47 45 - 267
Fax: +49 30 26 47 45 - 7722


Managers: Norbert Bochynek, Dr. Peter Heilmann
Registration: Amtsgericht (District court) Charlottenburg HRB 96139B
VAT ID No: DE 241194830

Legal notices

adrigo - a company of the arxes group - makes information and data available on the Website. However, a liability or warranty to keep it updated, correctness and completeness of these information and data is excluded. This also applies for any other direct or indirect listed Websites which are linked by means of a Hyperlink. adrigo is not responsible for the content of such Websites which are accessed by means of these links.

Furthermore, adrigo is not responsible for direct or indirect damages including lost profit which are caused by using such Websites in order to find information or data. adrigo is only responsible for intent and gross negligence in so far life, limb or health had not been injured.
Rights and obligations between adrigo and the users of this Website or third parties are also excluded.

adrigo reserves the right to perform changes or amendments of the information or data made available at any time without prior notice.
The contents of this Website in particular all texts, images, graphics, logos, webcam pictures if applicable, sound, video and animated files as well as their arrangement are the sole property of adrigo. They are subject to copyright and to other laws in order to protect intellectual property.

adrigo grants the right to the users to use, save and copy the texts, images and graphics for journalistic purposes  in the frame of the applicable press and copyright law. In addition, if  in excerpts or as a complete chunks have been taken or referred to, adrigo has to be mentioned as source/author and a specimen copy must be made available to the service for public relations ( of adrigo.

The use, saving and copying of the logos, sound, video and animated files used on the adrigo Website and their arrangement has to be approved by adrigo beforehand.
The texts, images, graphics, logos, etc. made available on the adrigo Website should neither be modified nor copied for commercial purposes or used on other Websites.
The Website of adrigo does not grant any licence rights in the intellectual property of adrigo.

All information or data their use and the registration on the adrigo Website as well as all actions or suffering or forbearances related to the adrigo Website are solely subject to German law. Place of performance and only place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

Data protection: Your right - Our obligation

You may trust in the protection and security of your personal data: The protection of your privacy when processing personal data is very important for adrigo which we respect in all our business processes.
Therefore, we would like to explain you on this occasion the basic rules of our handling of personal data. These notes and further indications to collect process and use personal information can also be found where we request such data from you.

Information which we collect

 You may use almost the whole Internet offer of adrigo without giving personal data to us. Only a few offers and services which you can find on our pages require submission of confidential data in order to use such offers and services.
If you use the Internet offer of adrigo, technical access data are automatically recorded and evaluated by the Internet server (Web server) of adrigo. Such data cannot be assigned to a certain person; the individual user remains anonymous.

Technical access data

Such data includes information on the used Internet browser and the used operating system the domain name of the Website from where you access our Internet sites the average resting time in our offers and the information sites called on our Website. These data are transferred to our Web server by your Internet browser when accessing individual Internet sites.

Furthermore we are using additional Cookies in certain areas of our Internet offer. Cookies are small data elements which an Internet server can send to your PC. Thus, such Cookies can identify your PC during the period of time of your visit of our Internet offer or can facilitate you the use of our Internet site. You have the option to set your Internet browser in a way that you are informed about accepting or rejecting Cookies.

Please find further information for instance in the help system of your Internet browser.
We use these technical access data in order to continuously be an eye-catcher and operability of our Internet sites and their content and to identify possible technical problems on our Internet offer.

Personal data

We only collect, process and use personal data if you give us this information voluntarily. This could be for example though an inquiry, questionnaire or in any other frame of contact you prefer. Generally it also takes place in the frame of an order processing.

Moreover, we need your personal data if you would like to use certain Internet specific services on the Internet sites of adrigo - as far as such services are offered. Such services may be for instance newsletters or forums. If you decide to use such an offer you will find other notices and information about the kind and scope of the data which are necessary to use such services in the corresponding offer.

Protection of the privacy of children in the Internet

 The protection of children using Internet offers is a special concern of adrigo. Therefore adrigo recommends parents and chaperones to make children familiar with a safe and responsible use of personal data in the Internet.
Children should not transfer any personal data to adrigo without expressive approval of the parents or chaperones.

How we use your Information

 adrigo collects, processes and uses all personal data which are accumulated by your visit on our Internet offers only according to the applicable directives to protect personal data.

We use the personal data only for the purposes mentioned in this declaration of data protection (for instance to process your inquiries or to use Internet services). Beyond this personal data are only collected, processed or used by us if it is necessary in order to ensure the legitimate commercial interests of adrigo.
adrigo will not forward the personal data which you made available to us to third parties without your expressive approval.

Disclosure, modification or deletion of your data

 You can ask in writing at any time according to the applicable law if we have saved any of your personal data. We will send you a corresponding notification. Please forward your request to our employee responsible for data protection. With his assistance you may also arrange for modification and deletion of your data. Please find information according to § 4e German Federal Data Protection Act in our public procedural directory.

Security of your data

 The data which you made available to adrigo are protected by suitable technical and organizational means with the objective to protect your data against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction, access by unauthorized persons or unauthorized disclosure towards third parties. At this, our security measures are continuously controlled and improved by technical developments and organizational possibilities. Please find further information under: Legal notices.

Links and references to other Internet offers

The Internet offer of adrigo includes links to other Websites. Please note that adrigo is not responsible for their data protection or for the content of these Internet offers.
We recommend to all Internet visitors to be informed about the corresponding data protection notices (Privacy Statements) of the other Internet offers which they visit when leaving the Internet offer of adrigo.

Contact at adrigo

If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data you may contact Moreover we will be at your entire disposal for any information, suggestions or claims.

Scope of application

These privacy and confidentiality notices are only applicable for the Internet offer of adrigo.
Furthermore we would like to point out that these explanations regarding the protection of data are subject to continuous adaptation to the current requirements.


General terms and conditions of the adrigo GmbH for the purchasing of addresses (General terms and conditions address purchasing)

Efficiency/Coming into effect

The contract between the customer and adrigo is entered upon receipt of the signed order form at adrigo. Only the contract conditions included in this order form are subject of the contract. adrigo renders the services included in the order form within the agreed period of time. The commencement of services is mutually agreed.

Term/Periods of notice

The contract terminates one year after the agreed commencement of the services but latest two years after the conclusion of the contract. It is automatically prolonged only by one year if it is not terminated in writing with a term of three month to the termination of the contract by one of the contractual parties.


The services are invoiced monthly on the basis of the finished inquiries. A monthly instalment payment amounting to 75 percent of the fees of the previous month is invoiced for the EMA fees prepaid by adrigo. The instalment payment is invoiced on the following invoice. The instalment payment is omitted in the first month. Invoices are payable within a term of 10 days upon receipt without deduction.

Data protection

adrigo commits itself to strict compliance with all data protection regulations in particular the German Federal Data Protection Act. adrigo will use the data made available and the researched data only according to the instructions of the customer for the purposes of the contract. adrigo will delete such data according to the terms of the German Federal Data Protection Act within latest 30 days upon completion of a research and forwarding of the data to the customer.

adrigo guarantees that all employees commissioned with the service observe the data protection regulations of the German Federal Data Protection Act in particular the obligation to keep secrecy according to § 5 of the German Federal Data Protection Act.

As far as adrigo processes personal­ data in the frame of the contractual activities adrigo is acting as processor of order data in the sense of § 11 of the German Federal Data Protection Act for the customer. adrigo does not acquire any right in the addresses which are checked on behalf of the customer. The same applies for the personal data researched on behalf of the customer.

Rights of review

If the customer is a credit institute or a financial service provider he has a direct right to instruct and control adrigo in the services rendered by adrigo. If the services rendered in the frame of the contract are services which had already been rendered in the locations of the customer the customer is entitled to include such services in his internal review and to check the lawfulness of the data processing at any time.

In the frame of annual financial statements of the customer or in the frame of inspections prescribed for him by the German Federal Institute for Supervision of Financial Services (BaFin) third persons are entitled to perform the inspections. If any personal or material expenditure takes place in the frame of such inspections at adrigo such expenditures have to be paid according to the fees of adrigo.


adrigo is not liable for the correctness and com­plete­ness of the information transferred by the requested authorities. In case of entry transfer or transmittance errors in case of confusions of identity as well as limitations or a failure of the necessary technical infrastructure adrigo is only liable for intent and gross negligence if not life, limb or health were infringed. adrigo is liable without restrictions or exemptions  for pre-contractual fault.

In case of impossibility or delay as well as in case of infringement of essential contractual obligations adrigo is also liable in case of slight negligence however limited to the typically foreseeable damage. adrigo shall otherwise not be liable. This liability provision also applies for employees and other subcontractors of adrigo.

General notes

Changes and amendments of contractual agreements must be made in writing. This also applies for a deviation from the text form.

Place of jurisdiction

Berlin is place of jurisdiction and place of fulfilment.