adrigo services

adrigo services

adrigo makes data services available for the following software solutions: 

Data services for Postrückläufer 2

The processing of postal returns is completely "paperless" and completely automatized and optimized with adrigo and the software Postrückläufer 2 (Postal returns 2). The program sends a request to adrigo by e-mail. adrigo finds out the correct address at the registry­ offices. This address is returned to the software by e-mail, then the automatic adaptation of the address data is performed in the core banking system.

In detail adrigo assumes the following tasks for you:

  • The management of different registry offices including the procurement of conditions
  • The printing, enveloping and stamping of inquiries are delivered  by post
  • The paper, printing and postal charges
  • The bank transfer of fees to the authorities or writing out of cheques
  • The booking of fees in the accounting department
  • The managing of incoming mails
  • The deadline monitoring
  • The additionally necessary correspondence in individual cases (e.g. reminders to the registry offices)
  • The forwarding to the department of postal returns
  • The assignment of the address data to the correct file 
  • The input of delivered results

Learn more about the program Postrückläufer 2 (Postal return 2)  here.

Other adrigo services

Data services for Insolvenz 2

Current insolvency notifications are gathered and processed by adrigo and send to the application in Insolvenz 2 which compares them to the customer master data. In case of positive matches an electronic process is created. Accounts and cards are blocked, all subsequent notifi­cations published by the court are subscribed to. In this way the electronic file is always complete.

Insolvency proceedings of the customers are detected at an early point in time and the risk of non-payment are reduced. Learn more about the program Insolvenz 2 here.

Data services for Handelsregister 2 

Handelsregister 2 is the solution to automatically detect and process changes in the entries of the commercial register of customers. adrigo delivers new entries of ­commercial registers directly to the application which compares them to the customer master data of the institute and takes over the cha­nges.

New entries are available to the marketing. The risk of possible subsequent damages caused by non-recognition of important changes (such as change of the managing director) is considerably reduced.

Learn more about the program Handelsregister 2 here.

Service for Pfändung 2 (Garnishement 2)

With Pfändung 2 you process the seizures of customers almost fully automatically.  In the seizure processing § 840 para. 1 ZPO (German Code of Civil Procedure) rules the obligation to
declare of the garnishee towards the execution creditor in form of the third-party debtor declaration. The creating and sending of these documents already causes considerable staff and material cost even in small quantities.

With the solution integrated in Pfändung 2 the documents which need to be sent can be automatically sent instead of sending them by mail.  All data necessary for the delivery are transferred from  Pfändung 2  to adrigo.  adrigo does not only take over the delivery of the documents by fax. As full service documents are also sent by mail if there is no fax number available. The expenditure for you is reduced to a minimum.

Learn more about the program Pfändung 2 here.


Do you have questions reagrding our adrigo services? Please do not hesitate to write us an e-mail or to call us. We look forward to helping you.