Backoffice 2

Backoffice 2 allows an efficient cooperation between market and back office (or an external back office provider) via a flexible electronic form and order system. Orders are generated in the market then rapidly and easily processed in the central backoffice.

Transparent process automation 

The program that you process tasks with may be standardized (for instance changes of addresses and loan instalments, release of securities or blocking of accounts). With Backoffice 2 you may keep your cost and processes transparent and make them predictable. Through this in the case of customer requirements you are able to give information in any case. 

Functions and benefits

Backoffice 2

  • maps working processes in a flexible form system
  • uses data of core banking systems via direct interfaces
  • automatically checks if work orders are complete, correct and professionally conducted. This will avoid queries from the back office.
  • automatically assigns orders depending on the current workload of the person responsible or his/her professional expertise
  • controls the processing of orders performed by specialists
  • offers statistic evaluations regarding further process optimization


Are you interessted in Backoffice 2? Do not hesitate to send an e-mail or to give us a call. We look forward to helping you.  

If you have already purchased Backoffice 2 you may also directly contact the technical support in case of questions.