Dispokredit 2

Automatically check and
adapt overdraft facilities

The ratio between the granted overdraft facilities and the regular income has to be checked once per year. The expenditure resulting hereof is tying up enormous resources.

Dispokredit 2 (Overdraft facilities 2) reduces this expenditure significantly. The application reduces the risk of possible non-payments by periodic monitoring and computer-based adaptation of the overdraft facilities.

Exact income analysis

Dispokredit 2 determines the regular incomes of your customers via the integrated income analysis and also conducts checks and other encrypted incomes, e.g. pay of the Federal Armed Forces into account.   
The software takes the Distance Selling Act into account at corresponding configuration. 

Dispokredit 2

  • is saving enormous time compared with the manual checking of overdraft facilities
  • guarantees a systematic and all-over processing of overdraft facility adaptations
  • minimizes non-payment by periodic monitoring runs and the automatically controlled assignment of overdraft facilities
  • reduces manual work by direct interfaces to core banking systems
  • takes the Distance Selling Act into account and automatically generates the necessary cover letters


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