Inherent stress testing for mono-block wheels

Braking events of trains expose the braking system very high thermal and mechanical stress. Due to the continuous heating up and cooling down processes the inherent stress of the wheel rims is changed to a level where the wheel ends up breaking. Due to very small cracks on the tread of the wheel, the wheel might not handle the tension and could literally tear open.

arxes- tolina  solution to examine inherent stress   

An ultrasonic test method to measure the inherent stress on mono-block wheels was developed by the Fraunhofer IZFP in Saarbrücken. It was conceived to be used in stationary shops. The testing system automatically controls the complete test sequence up to the evaluation of the test result.

The testing is performed with the help of an electromagnetic ultrasonic probe without couplant built-in the manipulator. During the test, the difference of the sound patterns is measured in two different directions of incidence. The inherent stress of the wheel is calculated from the measured run-times and a material-specific constant (K value).

Performance features of the method 


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