IT strategy advice

Due to the fact that IT infrastructures have continuously become more and more complex with the applications they use, it is becoming more and more difficult to plan the orientation of the IT on a long term basis. Therefore a good IT strategy and well-structured service management are of highest priority. 

The documentation of already existing services and processes is the first important step. But this is already a common problem in a number of companies. Process documentations are often not available and they are only held by a few knowledge carriers, which would know their corresponding processes "of by heart". 

Analysis and measures taken to optimize your IT strategy

Our consulting services include an analysis of the actual status, which is kind of a health check of your current IT. Next would be the planning of suitable measure to optimize your IT. Also by means of maturity level measurements and benchmarks you may see how your IT is performing compared with other companies.  

arxes-tolina Consulting services - Competence and experience 

  • Advice in ITIL and ISO 20000 projects 
  • IT Health-Checks (How healthy is your IT?)
  • IT-Benchmarks
  • Maturity level measurements
  • Creating of service catalogues
  • Advice in sourcing topics
  • Development of Service-Level-Agreements (SLA)
  • Process reviews/Process structuring
  • Certification support for ISO 20000 projects 

​IT strategy – the long therm planning 

You set the direction for your IT with a well thought strategy. Your IT processes are being developed by means of the business objectives and shall be tested according to the following parameters:

  • Effectiveness
    Does my current service achieve the preset objectives and are the business targets supported as planned?
  • Efficiency
    How much effort will be required to achieve my objectives? (Cost/benefit analysis)
  • Compliance
    Does my service fulfil all specifications (e.g. company code, laws, etc.)?
  • Safety
    Does my service fulfil the requirements of confidentiality, integrity and availability?


Do you have questions regarding our solutions in the field of IT  strategy? Do not hesitate to send an e-mail or to give us a call. We look forward to helping you.