Insolvenz 2

Automatically identify and process insolvencies and affirmations

Credit institutes have to regularly check publications regarding insolvencies in order to defend themselves against subsequent damages resulting of not or late recognized insolvencies of their own customers.

Monitoring of insolvencys and notifications about affirmation

Insolvenz 2 (Insolvency 2) automates this checking and matches insolvency and customer data with one another. In this way insolvencies are identified in time, costly follow-on processes as well as blocking accounts and cards, deleting overdraft facilities etc. are omitted. In this way the elimination of lots of manual working steps considerably reduces the processing cost.

Using the module "Affirmations" including the search for affidavits, and the warranty for arrest in order to enforce an affidavit is undertaken by the software. The  affirmation notifications are delivered by the credit investigation company.

By means of a direct interface to Pfändung 2 to the program for seizure processing, which leads to the market, allows to monitor accounts for seizing protection using Insolvenz 2 (Insolvency 2). 

Use of Insolvency 2

  • identifies insolvencies and affirmations of your customers rapidly and systematically 
  • automatically performs different subsequent processes (blocking accounts, deleting overdraft facilities, etc.)
  • saves the considerable manual research work for reports of insolvency in the official gazette or on the Internet
  • creates electronic files in case of hits and documents each action in such files in a revision-proof manner
  • subscribes to ongoing announcements regarding customer insolvencies and provides without efforts continuously up to date insolvency files
  • provides a high data quality by automatic data transfer from the core banking system
  • helps persons responsible in long routine jobs and does saves time and money


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