KommConnect 2

Efficient credit and dept management

KommConnect 2 (MunicipalityConnect 2) was developed in order to guarantee an efficient and transparent communication flow and to order assignments between the Finance Department and other specialized departments.

Functional mode

The municipality receives responses from the debtors via phone, letter, fax or e-mail. With KommConnect 2 the reactions are bundled and transferred to electronic forms which are transmitted to the corresponding responsible departments as work orders.

In the responsible departments the orders are processed and can also be returned to the financial management if required. The module can also organize the communication and sales order processing from department to department and within a department. 


KommConnect 2

  • Manages an efficient communication and assignment of all concerned departments and accelerates the collection of debts
  • provides a higher number of satisfied citizens
  • includes the existing soft­ware­ and avoids manual input errors
  • saves personnel, time and financial resources
  • significantly improves the collection rate and thus your liquidity


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