KommInso 2

KommInso 2 (MunicipalityInso 2) automatically identifies persons who are in debt with communities and who are at the same time concerned by insolvency.

In case of a debtor's insolvency it is necessary to notify the insolvency administrator regarding the debts even if the profit rate in most cases only represents a single-digit percentage of the initial debt. This is often only possible with high manual efforts.

Functional mode

In order to identify the debtors, who are concerned with insolvency, a daily matching of the insolvency notifications and insolvency subsequent notifications are being published nation-wide and performed with the open and put down receivables of the municipality. This matching runs fully automated.

The result is a hit list of receivables for which the relevant debtor is concerned with insolvency for the corresponding municipality. By receiving such data it is easy to take them over to the existing enforcement software for further processing. It is also possible to forward a notification to the departments automatically from KommInso 2.


KommInso 2

  • With the automatic identification of insolvent debtors, it ensures that receivables are notified to the insolvency administrator in time and no subsequent notifications are ignored.
  • Reduced the need for personnel, time and financial resources
  • Saves the search for relevant insolvency notifications on the Internet


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