Mahnwesen 2

Individual customer addressing in spite of full automation

Mahnwesen 2 (Dunning processes 2) offers electronic dunning processes on the basis of different dunning groups. By using dunning groups it is possible to realise different dunning processes with individual dunning levels, delays, letters and fees for individual customer and account groups. Due to lots of configurable parameters there is a maximum of flexibility.

Individual dealing with a client and even so more time for the sale 

Mahnwesen 2 automatically creates customer notifications or other letters. Please find corresponding template documents in the system; they are automatically created if required. In this way it is possible to remind financially strong customers in another way than customers who's financial situation is not so good.

Dunning processes can also be opened manually; dunning blocks can be saved or be suspended.

By direct integration into the core banking system time and cost are saved, persons responsible are discharged and error-prone manual working steps are reduced.

Functions and benefits

Mahnwesen 2

  • allows a different dealing with a client by individual dunning groups, stages, delays, fees and letters
  • increases the dunning success by consequent keeping of the work sequences
  • blocks and unlocks accounts and cards
  • changes overdraft facilities and creditworthiness
  • creates the dunning letter
  • books dunning fees
  • Saves time, staff and financial resources


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