Multi project 2

Are all projects on pace?

Keeping an eye on all projects

Missing information about ongoing projects is always related to the high risk of not attaining the set objectives at all or not being able to attain them within the desired framework conditions.

Multi project 2 was developed in order to keep an eye on manifold and the complicated project land­scapes overall. The application acts as a link between policy prescriptions, strategic targets and the operative project­ management administrative experience.

Multi project 2

analyses your project portfolio with the help of a performance measurement system on the basis of key performance indicators (KPI) regarding

  • Strategy contribution - How important are the projects for the corporate success?
  • Resources expenditure - Is the cost-benefit-ratio correct?
  • Milestones - Are objectives being met on time?
  • Risk areas - Deadline, budget, achievement of objectives 

Easy controlling using the management cockpit

With a standardized and fully automated reporting system, the management team has access to all important information at a glance. Thus, possible undesirable developments are identified on time and it is possible to take efficient counter measures.

Independent from your project management methods

Multi project 2 does not interfere in your individual project processing. You can easily keep your existing instruments and methods. Therefore, this particular solution will be most probably accepted  by your project managers.  

This software accompanies your projects over the whole lifecycle. As desired, the focus is related to individual projects, project­ groups or the whole portfolio.


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