Optimization package Pfändung 3.0

Additional savings in your
garnishment treatment

We have made our software Pfändung 2 more efficient and offer you the Optimization package 'Pfändung 3.0'.

Using the following functions you will save annually up to 3'500 Euros in addition per 1'000 new incoming seizures.

Elektronic outgoing mail

Already small quantities of creating and sending of debtor's declarations cause considerable cost, for staff, printing, putting in an envelope, stamping and so on. 

tolina takes over the delivery of the debtor's declaration by fax. The cots for sending by post are omitted. All data necessary for the delivery are transferred by  Pfändung 2  to tolina compliant with data protection and in a revision-proof manner.

Automatic paying out

It is complicated to calculate the amount which needs to be paid out. Pfändung 2 already supports you but still it is necessary that a person responsible checks and releases amounts to be paid out.

Using the function 'Automatic paying out' the manual release is being omitted. The application can automatically determine the correct booking amount for each customer. 

Branch office

Unless the proper seizure treatment is taking place in the back office there are lots of activities which have to be performed in the branch offices. If a customer would like to pay a seizure, then it would be necessary to make a work order with information to the backoffice. Media breaks do complicate the cooperation between your employees and waste the working hours.

The branch office function facilitates the cooperation between branch offices and the back office. Thus configurable order types can directly forward customer demands to the responsible department for further processing - including all necessary information. It saves time and increases the processing quality.

Elektronic incoming mail

There are often a lot of documents from the court of execution, public facilities, creditors, insolvency administrators, customers and bailiffs for each seizure processing. The responsible department receives them in different ways and they hinder an efficient processing by having media breaks.  


The electronic incoming mail eliminates such media breaks and bundles all necessary documents for processing in electronic form. During the seizure processing your employees have access to such information and do not need to keep them in paper form.

We will be glad to offer you the described functions individually as well as all possible combinations.


Are you interested in our optimization packet 'Pfändung 3.0'? Please do not hesitate to write us an e-mail or to call us. We look forward to helping you.