Postrückläufer 2

Efficiently increase the quality of addresses

The returns of customer's post with the notation "addressee unknown" starts a complex process to correct the wrong address. This binds considerable staff and time resources in particular after large mailing transactions.

Postrückläufer 2 (Postal returns 2) minimizes the effort of determining addresses by mostly automatized work processes. The application determines the correct address and directly includes it into existing systems.

Beside the information of the registry offices (residents`registration offices) also data of our partner of the SCHUFA and the moving database of the post are taken into consideration. The software is the perfect instrument to reduce cost in controlling and executing changes of addresses.

Function and benefits 

Postrückläufer 2

  • uses the option of the in-house independent address determination and the databases of the post and of the SCHUFA.
  • cooperates with service providers and registry offices (residents' registration offices)
  • updates linked address data records and notifies internal and external locations (e.g. associated partners)
  • controls the timely sequence of determining addresses by means of follow-ups
  • saves numerous manual inputs and thus eliminates error sources
  • significantly reduces the efforts to determine the correct customer address and thus the related cost


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