Accredited test laboratory

Highly qualified ultrasonic testing

We implement manual or automatic ultrasonic testing on metal component part and components of the plant and mechanical engineering and the traffic engineering in the accredited field. These tests are performed by our highly qualified and DGZfP certified staff. 

arxes- tolina performances 

  • Advice and system configuration for applications of the ultra-sound test technique 
  • Advice during simulation
  • Analysis and optimization of ultra-sound testing tasks
  • Surface characterization, machine training and divisional testing
  • Routine non-destructive material testing:
    • Checking of errors and volumes, proof of inhomogeneity
    • Initial sample testing, sampling, weld testing
    • Manual testing and automatic test using transceivers resp. array probes

Accredited ultrasonic standards 

DIN 254501990-09
DIN EN 1330-42010-05
DIN EN101601999-09
DIN EN10228-31998-07
DIN EN12668-3  2000-07  
DIN EN ISO  176402011-04
DIN EN ISO116662011-04
DIN EN583-11998-12
DIN EN583-22001-04
DIN EN583-31997-06
DIN EN583-42002-12
DIN EN583-52001-02


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