Sanierung 2

Efficient reconstruction of commitments
threatened by non-payment

The financial damages by non-payment of credit can often be avoided. The condition for this is an early detection of the risks.

Using Kreditrisiko 2 (Credit risk 2) it is possible to systematically and detect early commitments fraught with a risk. In doing so, all possible information sources are used. Following the identification the system also organizes the subsequent support processes.

This tolina software supports you in fulfilling the guidelines of MaK and Basel II.

Function and benefits

Kreditrisiko 2

  • identifies cases of risk by means of individually configurable features
  • joints current and historical data together to a detailed image of the customer development and thus facilitates their evaluation
  • maintains an electronic file for each case and documents all decisions and measures in a revision-proof manner in this file
  • ensures to keep important deadlines by means of a follow-up system
  • offers different evaluation for further use

Helpful supplement for the reconstruction processing

The module Reconstruction allows the automatic classification and processing of reconstruction cases. A multistage decision process leads to determining strategies of action and controls the implementation of the reconstruction concept.
You may also use the module Reconstruction as  self-contained software. This application allows you, to reconstruct commitments threatened by non-payment successfully and efficiently.


Methodical resonstruction of nonperforming commitments


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