Überziehung 2

Sustainable restore overdrafts

The excessive use of direct debits and the worsened financial solvency and payment morality cause a large and expensive administration effort in credit institutes.

Überziehung 2 (Overdraft 2) was developed for reasonable and reliable processing of overdrafts caused by direct debits and cheques. This program does not only reduce cost, it can even achieve additional revenues.

Function and benefits

Überziehung 2

  • automatizes the direct debit return and considers turnovers on a daily basis
  • individually processes overdraft cases according to objective rules
  • generates a data pool for customers and their behaviour pattern which can be intentionally used to control customers
  • can be configured according to the individual wishes and rules of each savings bank
  • reduces the staff and financial expenses by up to 80 percent
  • controls risks much better by consequent compliance with pre-determined rules
  • streamlines the processing, reduces routine works and automates administrative work


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