adm project management software

arxes data management

Commercial and manufacturing processes are complex tasks with a number of people involved, dates and dependencies. To successfully complete such processes, it is important to have a reliable overview of the involved departments, the current status and the following steps.

With a project management solution arxes data management (adm) we will be offering a software system suitable to your needs. Comprehensive documentation of complex process chains and support in the scheduled and technically qualified execution is being provided for you.

Cost reduction and increase in efficiency by

  • Worldwide access to the project status by means of traffic light logic
  • Online commissioning of orders
  • Simple and clear progress control
  • Complete availability of all relevant documents
  • An integrated workflow handling of error messages
  • Waiving the redundant data maintenance by interfaces for instance to SAP and other external systems

Flexibility by modular structure

The software consists of several core modules and can be adapted to your individual requirements by modular extension. 

Procurement module

This module maps the commissioning and automatic calculation of purchasing and manufacturing chains. It offers worldwide access to the current purchasing and manufacturing status of all items and automatically informs you about upcoming tasks and threatening delays.

Supplier module

With this module you have access to the current status of your procured item by a click on a button. You will also be automatically informed about delivery problems regarding intermediate acceptances and have access to all supplier documentations at any time. 

Cost module

This module collects all cost items in a database from the procurement up to the quality cost. In this way you can compare the preset cost to the actually incurred cost without problems. Individual cost evaluation is quite simple.

Inspection module

With this module you can worldwide assign inspection orders via the Internet. 
Once all inspection documents are being completed, it will be assessed. Upon completion of a project it is possible to generate the whole quality documentation "by a click on a button".

The Testing Personnel and the Test Instrument modules are in particular suitable for the Engineering field. Please find further information here. We will be glad to inform you about other modules and the option to adapt the software to your special needs.


Are you interested in our software solution arxes data management? Do not hesitate to send an e-mail or to give us a call. We look forward to helping you.