Agile software development

A software needs to continuously be adapted to changing working conditions These framework conditions do result from a combination of professional, technical, organizational and legal requirements. Our systematic, yet flexible development process allows us to comply with the variable requirements.

At tolina software is developed according to the principle of agile software development. The development process proceeds in repeating iterations at which the phases planningdevelopmentstabilization and review are passed.

These tasks are worked off during the development phase . In doing so the daily communication (Team meetings) is important. Thus it is ensured that problems are rapidly removed. A new programmed code is already tested during the development phase and thus rapidly attains high quality. 

During the stabilization phase further tests are performed and errors are removed. The result of each cycle is a new software version which can be delivered to the customers including new functions. 

Finally in the review it is discussed which malfunctions occurred during the executed iteration and how they may be avoided in the future.

Then the cycle is restarted.

Agile Software Deveplopment